University of Colorado, Boulder

1. Yes, dreamers may apply.

2. Undocumented applicants are processed as domestic students. They should pay the domestic application fee of $50 rather than the international fee of $70. On the application, they should choose citizenship of “Other” and then enter their city and country of birth and their country of citizenship.

3. Under Colorado’s ASSET legislation, in-state tuition is available for graduate applicants who meet the following criteria:

a. They live in Colorado

b. They attended a Colorado high school for at least 3 years

c. They graduated from a Colorado high school or received a GED in Colorado

d. They submit an affidavit to the school stating that they have applied for lawful presence or will apply as soon as they are eligible to do so. (By completing the “Affadavit” section of the COF application. The entire COF application is not required for graduate students.) *

4. If students have DACA status, that typically comes with a work authorization in the form of an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). This would make them employment eligible. Here is a link for more info on DACA: .

5. Starting contact for the University: Vanessa Roman, 303.492.7037.


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